Jo Russell Photography | About

I love taking photos, it’s as simple as that...

My first camera was a 35mm Cosina, well actually, my first camera was my brothers Cosina – stolen! He was given it for his 13th birthday, so obviously, me being a curious younger sister I wanted to know what it was all about and within a year I had successfully nabbed it as my own. I used that sturdy little camera to see me through all of my educational qualifications and it wasn’t until I had finished my photography BA(Hons) that I switched my kit over to digital – but Ive never looked back.

I love taking pictures of people. I love to chat, to be silly and to have fun. Im one of those photographers that sees a shot and doesn’t shy away from getting into the right position to shoot it – if I need to climb on something or lay down then Ill do it! I love to see the world from different perspectives, so meeting different people, hearing their stories, learning from them and getting to know them is fascinating to me.

I find the world and people in it so beautiful, and I feel honoured to be asked to be there at people’s special occasions and capture it for them.

Flash you later x