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I love portrait sittings - what a great excuse to go out and have some fun with all the family!

My sessions are focused around what makes you and your family unique, because of that we shoot in your home or at a location that is special to you. 

Your session will last about an hour, but could be longer depending on the size of your group and how many little ones need changing and feeding!

Investment starts from £250 per session. This includes the cost of the shoot, plus your choice between £100 worth of products or 5 digital images (usually £30 each). The products could be digital images, albums, prints, wall hangings etc.


Information for your portrait shoot

Once you have decided to join me for your portrait session, there are a couple of things you need to consider…


What should I expect from my shoot?

I use a portable studio which means I can come to you, or you can pick a place that means a lot to you (perhaps where you proposed, or a local park you spend family time in) and we can do you shoot there. If we are shooting tiny babies bare in mind that we will have to keep them warm so staying inside might be the best option. We will start the shoot by running through what you would like to achieve, so we both know the plan from the outset. Having family portraits shot is a special and infrequent occurrence, so I aim to shoot every possible variable of your group then you have a range of images to choose from when it comes to selecting your favourites. We can capture a range of styles from fun and funky to tasteful nudes, and will discuss your preferences before we begin shooting.  


Who do you want at your shoot?

The whole family is invited, so you can choose to have a private shoot or bring all your loved ones – even the family pet! If you have young children it is always good to bring some of their favourite toys to keep them feeling comfortable and occupy them whilst you're having other shots taken and might not be able to watch them closely. You can always bring an extra person to keep an eye on the kids while your busy, or have a chat with us and we can bring an assistant to your shoot. 


What should you wear?

Your favorite green plaid shirt might be first choice for a day out, but next to the kids in pastel shades and granny in her best orange twin set, you could run the risk of looking a little higgledy-piggledy! Think about whether you want a smart or casual set of images and dress accordingly. Classic white or black shirts with jeans works well to bridge the two styles, but nowadays can seem a little old hat. Whatever you choose, make sure everyone is wearing a similar colour palate, and that patterns/logos are kept to a minimum as they can date your shots.


Let your personality shine through!

Props are a great way to bring your pictures to life so if you are a bookworm, magician, musician, artist or shopaholic bring the things you cherish to make your pictures extra special.


Have you considered what you would like your final product?

I have spent years selecting the best suppliers of some beautiful products and now I am pleased to offer you a wide range to choose from. You can show off your images on your walls in classic frames and canvases or the more contemporary acrylics and metal prints. You can also choose between desk frames or acrylic mounts, bespoke albums and the option to have digital copies of your images. Please ask for a full price list if you want to know more. 

Please check out our FAQ's and T&C's for details on what to expect from your shoot and all the really interesting small print!

If you would like to book in a shoot or buy a gift voucher then please get in touch via our contact page.